Recommendation Letter

This letter is in strong support of Dr. Batur Uyghur’s application to your department for the position he seeks.  My association with Dr. Uyghur is from three theoretical studies of optical diffraction by a biological specimen that were collaborative efforts of Dr. Uyghur, his dissertation advisor Professor John Walter, my colleague Professor David Baskin, and myself.
From our collaboration, I have come to look upon Dr. Uyghur as an accomplished theoretician in the area of optical interaction with condensed materials.  He was able to utilize his knowledge of the coupled-wave theory of diffraction and apply it to a completely new situation.  The introduction of biological material presented no problem to Dr. Uyghur. He very capably developed a model that has the critical essentials to be realistic.  Yet the model was tractable physically and mathematically.  Reviewers of the latest manuscript have called it the most comprehensive and most significant piece of work in this area.
Even though I have not had the occasion to see how Dr. Uyghur teaches students, I do know that he is very enthusiastic, patient and thorough in his explanation of new ideas and concepts.  Above all, Dr. Uyghur has an excellent command of basic physics and applied mathematics; he is also able to easily draw analogies and correspondences from different fields, making it possible for young students to appreciate not only the concepts but their relevance.  He has the makings of an excellent teacher while being a competent theoretician in condensed matters or in the matter-wave interaction area.  I support his application very strongly.
If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely yours,
Paul Cohen

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